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Part Overhaul

Fast Replacements and Refurbished Flawlessly


Solution for all components

Do your components require refurbishment? Our in-house service enables us to respond promptly. Our specialized teams handle component maintenance and can, if needed, offer a temporary, cost-effective replacement. Additionally, to meet any demand, we can access the 12 Component Shops of our parent company, Rheinland Air Service.


Interior shop

We uphold the highest quality standards on board. Our dedicated team works determinedly to keep your aircraft in top condition. We specialize in complete maintenance and refurbishment of the aircraft interior, including galley equipment, lavatories, wall panels, overhead bins, cockpit coverings, cargo compartments, or carpeting and flooring installations. With our meticulous attention to every detail, we are your dependable partner for visual excellence.


Boot shop

In our Boat Shop, specialized experts are at your service. Their daily tasks include inspecting essential aircraft components and promptly repairing or replacing leading edges, air intakes, and duct assemblies. In case of necessary repairs, they disassemble the affected “boats,” remove old adhesive, and address damages. Subsequently, a new “boat” is installed, the components are painted, and finally, they are sealed.


Composite Shop

Thanks to careful inspection and extreme precision, we are experts at finding even the smallest cracks. Our team in the Composite Shop specializes in taking care of the fiber-reinforced structures of your airplanes. They carefully examine all the coverings, flight controls, and floor panels to identify small cracks and deeper damage in fiber-reinforced parts. With advanced vacuum hot-bonding technology, they can repair both composite materials and metal structures, ensuring they are airworthy again. We make sure that our Composite Shop always has all the special tools needed for a quick turnaround. This way, we can ensure that your airplane spends less time on the ground and keeps flying smoothly and reliably.


Paint Shop

In our state-of-the-art paint facility, we have the capability to work on parts from start to finish.

Our experienced painters work determinedly to provide the best possible protection for your aircraft and make the exterior paint and your company colors shine brightly. Our highly advanced paint facility allows us to paint structural parts and even specific areas like the fuselage, wings, side and tail sections. A significant advantage is that all painting tasks can be carried out in-house, allowing for a seamless handling of orders from other departments.


Precision Shop

Our precision mechanics work in the Precision Shop, where they work directly on your aircraft, repairing and servicing parts. They do turning, milling, drilling, welding, and they can create custom special parts according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Their tasks also include performing complex vacuum welding on air inlet and outlet components, as well as ATR parts made of durable titanium or so-called Inconel superalloys. These components can then be directly installed on your aircraft in our hangar. Since all requirements can be met in-house, you benefit from minimal downtime and lower costs.

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